Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 10/31/16: Roaring Back to Maryland, Blood Draw, Chili and a Couple of Drinks -- MOM UPDATE

1.  Without a single stop for fuel or anything else, Olivia, the Deke, and I roared back home from Nyack. I'm not sure if, for Olivia, the drive back rose to the level of "most boring trip ever", but I don't think the drive did much to stimulate her.

2. I was a little bit overdue for a blood draw to be sent to the transplant center and I whisked over to Labcorp and got it done.

3. After a bowl of Molly's hearty and delicious steak chili and corn bread muffins, the Deke and I went to the nearly empty Old Line Bistro and had a couple of drinks and took some time to relax after a busy weekend and the Deke getting her grades finished and submitted.  I think our server, Kristin, was experiencing maximum boredom because things were so slow and told us several times how glad she was we came in and livened up her evening.

**MOM UPDATE:  Mom's hospital stay continues. The wound on her leg continues to heal, albeit slowly. The hospital staff is giving a lot of attention to the edema that afflicts Mom and causes swelling in her legs and inhibits her healing.  The swelling has come down. No date has been set for her to return home.  Christy and Carol report that her spirits are pretty good.

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