Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 11/29/16: Stable Day, Happy Coincidence, Biscuits and Salad

1. Mom had a stable day.  The home nurse changed her dressing and wrap and observed continued improvement as her wound continues to heal.

2. Happy coincidence:  I happened to be at Yoke's at the same time one of Mom's nurses dropped in to order a change in Mom's pillbox and so I returned the pillbox I had just picked up to the pharmacist and she took pills that Mom now takes on an "as needed" basis out of the box and gave them to me in a pill bottle.

3. Mom and I ate leftovers for dinner. Since we had a cup of buttermilk left over, I whipped up another batch of the buttermilk biscuits I had fixed for the first time ever for Sunday's family dinner. Today, I tried to make them thicker and succeeded. I also made a variation of the cabbage cucumber salad I made on Sunday. I was very happy that adding celery to this salad worked so well.

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