Thursday, November 10, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 10/09/16: Inspection, On the Phone with Mom, The Future . . .

1.  I rumbled down the Beltway and veered into the eastern reaches of Hyattsville and easily found the state emissions testing station, where, with about 900,000 other people, I waited about an hour, eased the Sube into Bay #1, and passed the inspection.  I'm happy I didn't fiddle around and wait to do this at the last minute and that I got it done before I head to Kellogg on Thursday.

2. I had a forty-five minute conversation on the phone with Mom and she sounded really good. Her voice sounded strong and she has a very good understanding of her medical condition and is happy to be on the mend. I left the conversation hoping that as I write Three Beautiful Things in Kellogg that I will be often writing about some kind of walk Mom and I went on at the store or up at the hospital or somewhere.  Stay tuned.

3. I was grateful for the conversations the Deke and I had over dinner at Old Line before I take off in the morning. Talking about the election got us also talking about what our lives might look like over the next few years and, once again, a lot of ideas and possibilities are on the table.

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