Monday, November 7, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 11/06/16: Daedalus Books, Gabbing with Nickie, Videos at Home BONUS: Road Trip Pictures

1.  The Deke and I started a day of outings by jumping into the Sube and rolling north to Columbia.  I've been getting those Daedalus catalogs in the mail for at least twenty-five years and had never paid attention to the fact that the bookstore itself is within a half an hour of our apartment home.  We had a great visit. The Deke bought some children's books and I found a soft chair and spent most of my time admiring and sort of studying a book of William Carter's pictures, Causes and Spirit: Photographs from Five Decades.

2. Next stop:  Bethesda. There's a yarn store downtown the Deke enjoys. She dropped in there for a while and I sauntered to a franchise-y joint called American Tap Room.  I established an immediate rapport with my server, an American University student named Nickie, and ordered a glass of DC Brau's Corruption.  A little later, the Deke joined me and Nickie, the Deke, and I became fast friends. It was wonderful. Nickie seemed to have a little time on her hands at work, and we had a long talk about her work, her experience coming from L. A. to D. C. to go to the university, and about family and church and tattoos and the Navy and it made for a very pleasant session of sliders, fries, and IPA.

3. We made a very quick stop next at DC Brau where we split a beer -- we both wanted some On the Wings of Armageddon, but not a lot, and returned to our apartment home and I popped us some popcorn and we settled into video entertainment on our laptops.  The Deke is enjoying The Crown and I watched an hour long documentary looking at Led Zeppelin. The documentary struck me as possibly unauthorized: it featured archival interviews with band members, but nothing current with Page, Jones, or Plant, along with interviews with quite a few other people and it featured not one note of Led Zeppelin's music.

BONUS: Today I posted these pictures for our Sibling Photo Assignment #10. Christy assigned us to post road trip pictures and I shot these last Sunday when I strolled from Grand Central Terminal to Washington Square Park.

Flatiron Building

Madison Square Park 

Washington Square Park 

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