Saturday, December 3, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 12/02/16: Wal Mart Patience, Beers at the Inland, Burgers from the Elks

1. I exercised patience. I stayed calm. It paid off. After scanning aisle after aisle after aisle, I finally found a winter cap at the Smelterville Wal Mart. I'm happy that now I can take walks around town and keep my head warm. By the way, on this shopping trip, I didn't have much luck at first finding a pair of ear buds, but I exercised patience and stayed calm and it paid off:  I found them. (It turns out, however, that I didn't have to buy them. Even though I had pulled out the sofa cushion looking for my original pair and didn't find them, Christy reached behind the cushion and did find them. I am officially a lousy finder -- whether at the Smelterville Wal Mart or in Mom's house.)

2. Later, I pulled on my new winter cap and strolled uptown to the Inland Lounge, the anchor of the resurgence and renaissance of business in uptown Kellogg, to see proprietor Bob Cassidy and meet with Byrdman and enjoy a few beers together.  Byrdman and I also got to talk with some guys we've known forever:  Orland Berti, Jim O'Reilly, and Mike Pierce.

3. Byrdman and I need some sustenance while drinking and gabbing at the Inland Lounge's plank, so Bob called over to the Elks Club across the street and ordered us cheeseburgers and fries. The Elks has a fund-raising burger feed every Friday night and head burger chef Harley Birchmier not only fries up superb burgers and fries, he happily delivers to the Inland Lounge and so Byrdman and I got to yak with him a bit, too, and got an important question answered about the once infamous Shady Lady Tavern up Wardner. Neither Bob, Byrdman, nor I could remember that Wes Aamodt renamed the Wardner Tavern/Colonial Inn The Shady Lady when he took it over.

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