Monday, December 12, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 12/11/16: Snow Piles Up, No Guts No Glory, Wah Hing to the Rescue

1. The snow piled up all day today so I got some exercise in, shoveling Mom's sidewalks and driveway, but I never stayed ahead of the snow for long. Everett helped pull us even with the snow for a while with his snow blower and then Paul shoveled one more time late in the afternoon, but I'm sure when we wake up Monday morning, we'll be under it again.

2. Mom, Christy, Everett, and I had tickets to see the Christmas program at the Sixth Street Melodrama and once the snow started to fall hard around noon or so, I asked Mom if she was sure she wanted to go out in it and she asked me if I wanted to drive in it. I haven't driven in snow on a day to day basis since I last lived in Spokane, ending in 1978 -- when I lived in Spokane in 1982-84, I didn't own a car. Back in my twenties, I had snow tires and I was cocky about driving in the snow and ice, but no longer. Inexperience and common sense and not having snow tires has made me much more cautious. Mom and I answered each others' questions with a "No" -- she didn't want to try to get around in the snow and I wasn't keen on driving to Wallace. We canceled. We were sorry to miss the show and sorry to miss seeing the people we learned later attended, but my days of no guts no glory are pretty much over and it was safer for Mom to stay put.

3. Mom then had a great idea: she offered to buy us all take out food from Wah Hing, the Chinese restaurant uptown. Our original plan had been to eat dinner out after the Christmas program. When we canceled, I volunteered to make our Sunday family dinner, but, instead, Carol called in an order, Paul picked it up, and we had a fun and delicious Chinese food feast.

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