Thursday, December 29, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 12/28/16: Back to Bed, New Cookbook, I Chopped Myself

1. Such a rare indulgence: I got up around 6:30 or so to feed the dogs and take them out. I wrote my daily blog post. Then I went back to bed and not only slept, but had vivid and fun dreams, and didn't re-emerge until 10:00.

2. I opened my birthday gift from Christy. It's a gorgeous cookbook by Portland chef Naomi Pomeroy entitled Taste and Technique: Recipes to Elevate Your Home Cooking. I started reading it and perusing recipes and I thought, wow!, if Naomi Pomeroy is looking to up her readers' home cooking game, this cookbook will do that! As I learn more and begin to try out recipes from this book, I'll be venturing into uncharted territory.  I look forward to more reading, possibly adding to my very modest utensil supply, and some adventurous cooking.

3.  While keeping the Diazes' cat, Deanna, company for an hour or so per visit, I watch episodes on Netflix of Chopped. So, today, I decided to cut up the head of red leaf lettuce I bought before Christmas, add the Lebanese lentil salad I made last week to it, the small container of cucumber salad Molly had made, a can of chickpeas, sliced canned beets, and two sliced tomatoes. I poured some herb infused olive oil over this concoction along with balsamic vinegar and salt. Then, as I began to eat it, the voices of Chopped judges started sounding in my head.

"This salad has some good flavors, but it's not crisp. It's soggy."
"This would be an even better salad with some lemon and more garlic, beyond what was in the lentil salad." "Did you forget the pepper? This salad is begging for black pepper."

Ha! These were totally legitimate concerns and, while I enjoyed the salad and saved the leftovers, which I will eat -- after adding lemon and pepper -- I think this little creation of mine would have gotten me chopped because it was too liquidy. It got a bit soggy.

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