Friday, December 16, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 12/15/16: Ready to Leave, Sliding Out on the Town, Family Dinner

1. A day ahead of time, I packed about 95% of my stuff and I got checked in for Friday's flight and my boarding passes are stored on my smartphone.

2. Because of the wintry road conditions, I canceled a drive to CdA. Byrdman and I had hoped to have lunch at the new joint KHS alum (Class of '67) Dave Corbeill opened recently in Post Falls.  But, I braved the elements to drive uptown in Kellogg and get Mom some money at the bank and to slide back to Sunnyside and buy Mom some candy canes at Stein's and go to the liquor store and get some tequila and margarita mix.

3. We had a family dinner tonight. Christy brought over the ingredients for taco bowls and I was in charge of making margaritas, adding fresh squeezed orange juice and a dash of 7 Up to the tequila and margarita mix. The food was mighty tasty and we all enjoyed the drinks. It was a good dinner.

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