Thursday, December 22, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 12/21/16: Quiet Day, Cheers, Chinese and Ice Cream

1. We ordered two sets of box springs and I wanted to be home when they arrived so I spent a most welcome quiet day in our apartment home doing laundry, putting my clothes away, putting fresh sheets on our bed, and getting other small tasks done around house. Alas, the deliveries arrived after I had left the house to pick up the Deke and begin celebrating her birthday.

2. We started the celebration at Quench where we enjoyed some beer and where Mike, the owner, poured us each a complimentary flute of champagne to celebrate the Deke's birthday, our anniversary, on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and my birthday two days later.

3. Since the Diazes were packing up to go to Florida early in the morning, the Deke requested take out from Lucky Noodle and an ice cream cake for her birthday dinner. Molly bought decadent ice cream cupcakes instead, and they were divine.

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