Sunday, December 11, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 12/10/16: Project Sweatshirt, Sorting Wrapping Paper, Zags and Zips and a Wedding Tie

1. Today was Project Sweatshirt. Mom has about twenty-one Christmas or winter themed sweatshirts and most of them were in a closet in the basement. Some were hanging up and I found many packed in a big black plastic bag and, when I brought them upstairs, Mom told me to put them through the washing machine's rinse cycle and dry them to take the wrinkles out them, so I did. I hung all of them up and put them in Mom's bedroom closet.

2. Mom also sat at the kitchen table for a few hours and carefully examined scores of sheets of wrapping paper that she has collected over the years. I threw away some of the paper for her. I collected another stack to be donated. Mom kept other sheets for future use.

3. After I fixed Mom and me a pot of oyster stew, Ed picked me up and we met with Jake and Carol and Bucky and Debbie and their mothers over at Best Shots and watched the second half of the Zags win over the Akron Zips. Then Jake, Carol, Ed, and I went uptown to the Inland Lounge where Ed Miller (Lite) reminded me of the night back in 1988 when Dad and I took a break from Mom's retirement party at the Elks, strolled into the Inland Lounge across the street, and ran into Ed Miller (Lite). Ed was about to get married and didn't have a tie and Dad said something to the effect of "Jesus Christ, son, you gotta have a tie to get married" and tore off the tie he wore to Mom's retirement and gave it to Ed, to roars of laughter, and Ed wore it for the rest of the night over a totally mismatched shirt.  Ed not only told me this story, but told me he has kept this necktie all these years. It's one of his most valued possessions. The tie lasted longer than that marriage.

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