Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 12/06/16: In Search Of, Wound Team Happy, Pork Chops and Apples

1. So I thought the bill Mom gave me to go out and pay was the water bill. I drove up to the City Hall area on McKinley and a sign on the door of the water district office informed me that the office had moved to its original location on Main Street. Okay. No problem. So, I hopped back in the Malibu and drove uptown. At the water district office, Cindy took my bill and check, looked at it, and told me, "This isn't where you pay this bill. You need to go to City Hall." The color drained from my face and then I blushed, embarrassed. I was holding the garbage/sewer bill, not the water bill. So I drove back to City Hall, paid the bill, and accomplished my mission, a little older, a little wiser, no worse for wear.  And, as a bonus, we saved the cost of postage!

2. Earlier, I had gone to Ace to buy some de-icer and a top for the Christmas tree. The top we've been putting on Mom's tree since about the George H. W. Bush administration crapped out. I got the de-icer, but this year Ace didn't order Christmas tree tops. I returned to Mom's and de-iced the area in the street that Mom needs clear in order to get in the car.  It worked. Mom safely got into the car for our visit to Shoshone Medical Center so the wound team could check out her leg -- and they liked what they saw, the progress of the healing, keeping in mind it will be a few (or several) weeks until the wound completely closes.

3. I took Mom to the medical center and Christy went to Sunnyside Drug and found a tree top, a star, that not only was easy to put up, but is one that Mom likes a lot.  The task of putting up the tree is complete. Later, Mom, Christy, and I popped open a bottle of riesling and it enhanced the very tasty slow cooked pork chops and apples and mashed potatoes that Christy brought over for dinner.

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