Monday, December 5, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 12/04/16: Assembling the Christmas Tree, Decorating the Tree, Superb Dinner

1.  I brought the big box with Mom's artificial tree upstairs to the Christmas Preparation Room and then went to work creating room for the tree in Mom's living room.  It didn't mean doing a lot: moving the couch west a bit, rearranging the area around Mom's chair, moving Mom's chair north a bit, and moving another chair out of the corner where the tree will be, but not removing it.

2. Without too much hassle, I assembled the tree. I located strings of lights and after about an hour and a half of trial and error and knocking the tree over once -- no harm done -- I managed to get the lights strung around the tree. Without any further comedy, I put up the garland and then Mom began putting ornaments on the lower branches.  Mom needed hooks for some of the baubles and, without success,  I unpacked about five boxes and tubs and looked in bags in the Christmas Preparation Room looking for a small box of hooks. Then Mom remembered there were hooks in "the drawer in the kitchen" and ambled with her walker into the kitchen and found them.

3.  Carol and Paul brought roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy, squash, and broccoli salad dinner over to Mom's and we enjoyed a superb meal together.

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