Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 12/26/16: Prepping the Sube, Fast Eddie and a Nap, *Chopped* Episodes

1. I popped down to a local gas station first thing this morning to (finally) vacuum out the Sube as the Deke requested on her birthday, making the interior road ready for Patrick and the Deke's drive to Nyack today.

2. The Deke and Patrick gave me a lift to the Diazes so I could pick up their Element to use for the next few days and I stayed over there for over two hours because their cat, Deanna, gets so lonely. Deanna was all over me as I cued up The Sting on Netflix and fast forwarded to the last forty minutes of the movie, just to enjoy the sting itself again and to admire all the acting again. Then I cued up The Hustler so I could admire Paul Newman and Jackie Gleason and George C. Scott and Piper Laurie and listen to the movie's hard-boiled script. I relaxed, closed my eyes, and listened to the movie's words and jazz soundtrack and surprised myself by falling into a deep early afternoon nap and awoke to Bert Gordon (George C. Scott) berating Fast Eddie Felson (Paul Newman) -- "You're a born loser." -- and decided to go back to our apartment home before the Turk has thugs break Eddie's thumbs and Eddie sells his soul to Bert Gordon.

3. This evening, I came across a list of programs and movies going off of Netflix at the end of the month and read that a collection of Chopped episodes would be going away. Christy and Everett love Chopped, but, until this evening, I'd never watched it. Tonight I watched several hours of the show and from time to time I wanted the chef judges and the chef contestants to step outside of the time constrictions of the show and explain more fully their comments about complementing flavors in a dish. I might learn more about this from J. Kenji Lopez-Alt's book, Food Lab. I have submitted a request for it at the library. I'll learn more from it about the science of cooking -- that's Kenji Lopez-Alt's specialty -- and possibly teach myself to listen to chefs' comments on Chopped more intelligently.

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