Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 12/05/16: Arctic Air, Nativity Scene, Cauliflower Soup Surplus

1. Arctic air has crept into the Silver Valley. It snowed lightly and the sidewalk in front of Mom's house was crunchy with ice. I bundled myself up a bit and spread de-icer, making Mom's property safe for her visitors today.

2. I got out the nativity scene and put the pieces on the television so Mom could arrange it just the way she likes it.

3.  For dinner, I fixed some cornbread muffins to eat with the cauliflower soup I've been wanting to squeeze in at some point. Mom requested it a while back and asked that it resemble potato soup the way she likes it. I think I succeeded and it turns out I made a ton of the soup, so I hope we'll want some again later -- I'm also wondering if Christy and Carol might like to take some home . . . .

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