Saturday, December 24, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 12/23/16: Car Wash Delay, Thank Jehovah, Introducing Patrick to Quench

1.  While the Deke enjoyed sitting still in our apartment home on her first day of winter break, I ventured into the Greenbelt Plaza to drop off a couple of shoes the Deke needed repaired and to have a key cut and to check out whether there were fewer than 15, 000 customers at the College Park Car Wash.  There weren't. It was a mob scene. So, I will take care of the car another day.

2. After nearly an hour of flopping around in the Greenbelt pool and taking a relaxing soak in the aquatic center's hot tub, I sauntered out to the Sube and suddenly a voice rose out of another Sube -- a Sube about eleven years newer than ours. It was the janitor who cleans city hall and the aquatic center. When she saw I had a Sube, too, she wanted to tell me how thankful she was for her Sube, that she hit a deer earlier in the morning and the deer ran off and all her Sube suffered was a crack at the point of impact. She thanked God and Jehovah several times for her sturdy car and her good fortune. Her story made me beam. We went our separate ways, wishing each other a Merry Christmas.

3. The Deke and I decided to introduce Patrick to our favorite tap room in Montgomery County, Quench. It was a huge success. The Quench vibe was festive. I was very happy to try out another IPA from Union Brewing of Baltimore, Steady Eddie, a smart choice. We also decided to have dinner and the Deke and I made another smart move, splitting a small prosciutto and pesto pizza. I'd never eaten such a thing before and I enjoyed venturing into this unknown pizza territory.

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