Thursday, December 15, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 12/14/16: Dry Cold Air, Mom's Wound is Healing, Comfort

1. At least, today, the arctic air was dry and Mom's sidewalk was dry and de-iced and it was not treacherous for the two of us to make our way to her car for a visit to the hospital for a routine appointment with the wound team.

2. It was October 18th when Mom went to the ER with an inflamed, infected open wound on her lower leg. I've got pictures. It was grisly. Today, nearly two months later, the wound is nearly healed. Mom's wound team were very happy to see how far the healing as progressed and it is possible that her wound team appointment next Tuesday will be her last. We'll see.  It's my sense that, moving forward, it's critical that Mom continues to weigh herself every day as a way of monitoring the edema in her legs and continue to do all she can to keep the swelling down with diuretic therapy, as needed, and compression wraps or stockings.

3.  Carol and Paul brought a simple and really delicious bowl of penne and pasta sauce with salad and bread over to Mom's house this evening and, for me, this meal rose to the level of comfort food. I was grateful to be seated at Mom's dining table with Paul, Carol, and Mom, safe, not in the middle of an ice storm like my friends in and around Eugene, and warm, with the electricity and the furnace working.

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