Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 12/19/16: Back to Flopping Around, Lebanon Will Wait, Brandy and Hot Chocolate

1. I sorely miss going to the aquatic center when I go to Kellogg to be with Mom. I was a little giddy today as I waded into the warm waters of the Greenbelt pool and rejoined the weekly Senior Swim class I enjoy so much. It had been almost two months since I flopped around in the water, getting my heart rate up and stretching and strengthening muscles. My skin tingled for the rest of the day.

2. I had the lentils on, simmering. I was in the middle of mincing ten cloves of garlic. I was just getting ready to cube the eggplants. I was on the verge of making me and the Deke a Lebanese dinner. My phone rang. It was the Deke. She wanted to go out for drinks and some food. No problem. Lebanon could wait another day. I picked the Deke up and we had an awesome party at the Old Line Bistro.

3. Liz, our server, was very busy, serving our table while also working a holiday party in the back. Still, she gave us premium service, topped off by bringing us Old Line's little cups of complimentary rich hot chocolate to finish our dinner. I ordered a shot of brandy to accompany the hot chocolate. The Deke and I split the shot, pouring some of it into our hot chocolate. Oh my! What a delicious and warming way to bring our awesome party to an end.

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