Saturday, December 17, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 12/16/16: My Gratitude as I Left Kellogg, Breakfast Town, Riding with Boubacar

1.  At least when I walked out Mom's door this morning to begin my trip back to Maryland, I knew Mom's blood pressure has been consistently good the last week or so, that her wound is healing really well, and that she's sleeping well at night. Overall, especially relative to when she was hospitalized from Oct. 18th to Nov. 8th, she's doing pretty well. Her health is stable. It must be frustrating, though, for her to be unable to leave the house without someone helping her and to depend so much on her kids for her shopping and other things. Thank goodness Carol comes in every morning with Sadie, the Roberts' Pomeranian, and fixes Mom breakfast and does things that need done and thank goodness Christy is next door and comes over often and gets other things done and thank goodness Mom has dinner with some part of the family every night and has leftovers to eat for lunch the next day. All of these good things make it a bit easier to leave, as does the prospect of being reunited with the Deke and with the Diazes and, when possible, with Adrienne and Jack. I am grateful that I can make these trips to Kellogg. I'm very fortunate.

2. Carol, Christy, Everett, and I enjoyed breakfast together at Jimmy's Down the Street in Breakfast Town (a.k.a. CdA) and then Christy and Everett drove me to the Spokane Airport where I arrived way early -- I like this -- and I relaxed in the waiting area and listened to podcasts.

3. I flew to Denver. The flight from Denver to Baltimore was delayed about forty-five minutes, but that was no problem, not with plenty of podcasts to listen to -- podcasts also make the time go by quickly once in the air. Once I retrieved my suitcase at the airport in Baltimore, I requested a ride through Uber and thoroughly enjoyed my ride with Boubacar, and we talked about his home country of Mali and living apart from our mothers and he told me how much he loves being in the USA. Being fluent in both French and English, Boubacar was quite impressed that the Deke teaches at a French Immersion school. I began my trip to Idaho back on November 8th with a fascinating ride on Uber with Jude, from the Republic of the  Cameroon, and ended it with a ride from Boubacar from Mali. Both conversations were fascinating and made going to and from the airport more than just enjoyable. These conversations were invigorating and deepened my enjoyment of living in a part of the USA populated by people from all over the world.

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