Friday, December 30, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 12/29/16: Adding Laps, Rita's Gift Arrived!, Monster in the Mine

1.  After finishing nearly an hour of exercising in the pool, I saw a lap swimming lane was open and I had told myself that if this were the case, I'd swim a few laps. I swam four and I'm hoping to continue to top off my exercise sessions with lap swimming and build some endurance. We'll see. Because I swim crooked, it makes me nervous to share a lane, so I'm always grateful when there aren't many swimmers around and a lane is open that I can swim in alone.

2.  Rita bought me a book and had it mailed over a week ago. We were concerned that it was trapped in the Greenbelt Post Office, but, if it was, it got released. Today I arrived home to find Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day sitting outside the door of our apartment home. This evening, I began reading it and I think I understand the book's general concept, but, before I can spring into bread baking action, I need some supplies. Before too long, I'll secure these things and see if I can make this book's bread baking process work. I will be entering totally new territory if I learn how to bake bread, that is, anything but cornbread.

3.  Shortly before midnight, I dreamed I was on a baseball team that took a mine tour directed by Ed Holland (R.I.P.) and I was wearing a T-shirt that said, "What's Life?" and Ed mocked me with sarcastic responses to this question. The area we were in underground had hallways and doors and I began frantically running, opening doors, slamming them, darting up and down hallways, trying to escape a creature that was a combination crocodile and boa constrictor. Before this creature could wrap its powerful length around me and begin chomping on me, I woke up, freaked out, and stayed up for over two hours. I cleaned the kitchen. I emptied the trash. I checked some scores on ESPN and read articles online. I took the dogs out.  Finally, around 2:30, I went back to bed.  I dreamed I had to give a deposition to a D.A. because I had witnessed a fight between Jim and Curt. Curt began punching out Jim when Jim questioned his stamina as a starting pitcher. As I joined others in the courtroom, and as the trial was about to begin, I woke up. I'll never know how the trial came out. I started my new day by taking care of Maggie and Charly, brewing a cup of coffee, and sitting down to write the 3BTs you just finished reading.

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