Thursday, October 14, 2010

Post #1600! Three Beautiful Things 10/13/10: Dari Mart Power, 21st Century Moment, Hot Wings Work

1.  The return to Dari Mart.  I was out the door in the fog just after 6:30 this morning and I needed a little boost so I made my first visit of the school year to Dari Mart for a glazed old fashion, a cinnamon twist and a cup of Dari Mart coffee with non-dairy creamer.  It all hit the spot and gave me the uplift I needed to prepare for my morning courses and deliver the goods in WR 121 and ENG 107.

2.  I love living in the 21st century and every once in a while the quirks and ironies of our newish century give me a good smile, even a good laugh.  Today a student came to me and said he couldn't afford to buy the book we are reading in class so I helped him see if a copy were available in the library.  There was.  He took out his Blackberry and recorded the call number.  (Note:  By Blackberry, I mean Blackberry-like might have been a Droid for all I know....)  The irony of this tickled me.  It didn't make me feel snotty nor did I think it was a sign of the apocalypse.  It was an enjoyable 21st century moment. 

3.  Molly loves Buffalo Wings.  I didn't know about the Deke, but she agreed to give them a try.  I had cooked up a batch of wings for the first time when Molly, the Deke, and Olivia were in Kellogg last weekend and I decided how I did it was good enough to feed to the family.  I had bought a two and a half pounds of Rocky's wings. Tonight I fried them in a cayenne pepper, paprika, black pepper flour mixture, and dipped each piece individually in a butter and Frank's Original Hot Sauce mixture.  I also made celery sticks and put out a bowl of Lighthouse Blue Cheese dressing.   Twelve wings.  Three diners.  Molly and the Deke loved them.  "Is this all there is?"  "Well," I said, "I can thaw some tenders and make more."  The Deke, "How about the sauce?  It's really good." "Yeah," I said, "I can make more."  So, back to the kitchen, back to the electric frying pan, back to the stove top, and soon another batch of, this time, boneless wings.  Success again.   Let me quote Molly, "Seriously, buying wings at a restaurant seems silly after tonight!"  This all made me very happy.

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