Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 10/12/10: Post- Maggie PTSD, Quick Dinner, Snug and Homer

1.  I'm happy Maggie is home and today I've lived in the post traumatic shock and fatigue of her brief disappearance.  I'm only sort of exaggerating.

2.  We needed a quick dinner tonight and fixing some fresh stringed beans of many colors, a pot of mashed potatoes with butter, and one of those pre-cooked little Trader Joe's pork roasts worked perfectly.

3.  When the Corgis are in Deke's room and when Olivia has gone downstairs to bed, Snug can come out of my room and spend time in the living room.  I can't think of when I enjoyed reading Homer more thanwith Snug at my feet while while I lay on the couch reading the tales of Nestor and Meneláos and read Odysseus' sea choking flight on a raft from the island of Calypso.

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