Saturday, October 2, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 10/01/10: What Burger Rules?, Paperwork, Nothing is Just

1.  For the last couple of months I've been telling anyone who cared to listen (both people) that I thought the best burger in Eugene is the Angus Deluxe at McDonald's.  I ate one today and I no longer can stand by what I've been saying.  It's the American cheese.  Replace it with cheddar and the Angus might rise to the top.  But today I realized that a burger with American cheese cannot be, for me, the best burger anywhere.  Right now, the top spot is open.  I've got to get the work continuing to taste burgers and try to fill that top slot.  (I have not found a burger anywhere I enjoy as much as the bacon cheese burger at the Sprag Pole in Murray, Idaho.)

2.  I got some tedious and important paperwork kind of stuff done today in support of the classes I'm teaching.  It's work I always put off and I'm really glad I did it and it will make my whole fall quarter a lot easier.

3.  I finished season 1 of "The Wire".  Nothing's just.  You gotta learn to live and work with that.  Nothing's just.  "The Wire" is everything. 

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