Sunday, October 17, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 10/16/10: Eggplant Delight, Easy Weeding, Wainright Baseball Talk

1.  Russell and I ate lunch at Yi Chen and I ordered the Eggplant Delight, a vegetable curry with brown rice and it was perfect:  just the right amount of chili pepper heat combined with the sweet soothing taste of coconut milk and a tasty combination of vegetables dominated by one of my very favorites:  eggplant.

2.  A cool and sunny morning combined with moist soil made getting some weeding in the front yard a surprising pleasure and really easy.

3.  Rick Wainright and I got into a fun discussion on Facebook chat about the long gone durability of Major League pitchers:  most of our discussion was just numbers.  For example, in 1968, Bob Gibson started 34 games and completed 28 of them.  As Rick said, "That will never happen again."  He's right.  The role of the starting pitcher and the specialization of middle relievers and closers has changed the face of baseball forever.  (We also called to each other's mind an extensive list of unlikely World Series and playoff heroes who came through with stunning home runs through the years:  Bill Mazeroski, Al Weiss, Bucky Dent, Don Clendenon, etc.)


Christy Woolum said...

Your use of your favorite color of gray with the banner photo including the outstanding picture of Snug with blue and green speaks one word loud and clear... perfection.

raymond pert said...

I'm glad you like it. It was fun to change the look of my blog again and I had to use this photo of Snug after so many people told me that thought it was pretty good.