Saturday, October 30, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 10/27/10: 11-7, Homer Wrap Up, Long's Meats

1.  Totally improbable, but it happened:  the Giants scored eleven runs and defeated Texas in the first game of the 2010 World Series.  I listened to Jon Miller and Joe Morgan call the game on ESPN radio.  They, like me, seemed staggered by the Giants' emphatic victory, especially the way they pounded the unhittable Cliff Lee.

2.  I don't have this happen very often:  today in ENG 107, I planned out a presentation intended to sum up different elements of human life Homer explores in The Odyssey, to look at the moral structure of the world he created, to look at the poem's metaphorical structure, to look at the ideas of blood sacrifice, purification, and catharsis, and to see how the reunion of Odysseus and Penelope not only consummates their marriage, but is a way of seeing their once fragmented world made whole again.  I also selected and read what I thought were a couple of tasty passages.  It's a two hour class.  My comments lasted barely an hour.  Class dismissed.  Sticking around felt anti-climactic.

3.  The Deke had picked up chicken and basil sausages from Long's Meat Market and tonight I fried them up with onions and it transported me back to the early days of our marriage when the Deke and I used to buy Long's meat and sausages all the time.  It was back in the L & L days when the L & L was kind of a coffee barn, barely gentrified, and Long's was located there.  Now what used to be the L & L is all fancied up, Long's moved out of Midtown to Southtown and I have neglected to go to their new location.  That's going to change. 

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