Saturday, October 30, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 10/29/10: Irrelevant Facilitator, Teeth/Jaw Protector, Black and Tan

1.  It's been quite a while since I've been in even the tiniest leadership role in the English department or anywhere else at LCC.  Today, it was my turn, however, to facilitate an English department meeting (a tiny leadership role) and as the meeting progressed my role as facilitator became gloriously less and less relevant as other faculty took over different parts of the meeting, I smiled,  and everything went far better than if I had tried to rule, tried to reign in my fellow instructors. 

2.  On Thursday, my teeth guard arrived at the dentist and today was my first full day wearing it.  I have fallen into a habit of grinding my teeth while working on the computer, driving, grading papers, and doing other things and this guard will save wear on my teeth and my jaw.  Maybe it's weird, but I love my teeth guard.  I wore it in the car, at the computer, while grading papers in my office, and while I slept.  It works.

3.  While at Albertson's this evening, it suddenly struck me that I'd enjoy a Black and Tan, so I bought a couple bottles of Guiness Draught and Bass Pale Ale and made myself a Black and Tan. I enjoyed it thoroughly, first visually and then the taste of it,  and somewhere in my future, I'll have another since I have a bottle of each ingredient left. 

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