Saturday, October 2, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 09/30/10: Happiness Research, Truckin' the Frozen Ocean, Margarita Sublimity

1.  I'm starting my WR 121 course with an examination of the idea of happiness, and I was pleased with the understanding today's class had of the article we read and I have faith that they will research and find good articles themselves to add to it. 

2.  I started watching the second season of "Ice Road Truckers".   Lord.  In season 2, the truckers are transporting huge loads over the Arctic Circle's McKenzie River and the frozen Arctic Ocean.  Once they hit the ice, they never travel on land.  It's intense and the challenges are fascinating, especially in the ways that trucking on ocean ice differs from the iced over lakes they hauled on in the first season.

3.  I don't drink much alcohol, and so, when I do, sometimes the booze just tastes out of sight.  This evening at Billy Mac's I ordered a margarita and the tequila, lime, salt, and mix worked together to give me a remarkably deep experience with temporary pleasure. The second one was good, too!

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