Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 10/04/10: Homecoming, Drumettes and Frank's Hot Sauce, No Robbery -- And the Dryer Works

1.  Molly and Olivia arrived home safe and happy after their trip to Oklahoma and Texas.  All of the energy of a fourteen month old baby that was missing in our house is back.  And Olivia is almost really walking, now, too.  She's still a little tentative, but she's starting to feel the power of the walk.

2.  At Market of Choice, I was thrilled to find packages of chicken drumettes.  And I wasn't even looking for them.  The drumettes will be perfect for making hot wings while the Deke, Molly, and Olivia travel to Kellogg later this week.  I tossed the drumettes in my cart and then I thought back to all the reading I've done about making hot wings.  Multiple times the product "Frank's Hot Sauce" has surfaced.  I found some.  I threw it in my cart.  When I went through the check out line, the college-aged woman who bagged my groceries went almost ballistic with joy when she saw my Frank's Hot Sauce.  It triggered her telling me her life story:  her father introduced her to it, she has to have at least three bottles in the house all the time, she uses it on everything (I asked her about oatmeal...turns out she doesn't use it on everything!), and she has converted her roommates to Frank's Hot Sauce.  I was convinced I'd bought the right product.

3.  No one in our family could be home when Oldfield's could deliver our dryer so I did what I've read in article about home safety a person should never do:  I left a key under the mat.  I trusted everything would be all right.  And it was.  I returned home in the early afternoon, the key was back under the mat, the dryer was installed, and no other nefarious persons had found the key and robbed us of our Target dishes or our Fred Meyer silverware.  To top it off, the dryer works.   A beautiful thing, indeed!

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