Friday, October 22, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 10/18-21/10: Back with the Giants Again, Duck Frenzy, Carey!

I put down Three Beautiful Things, in part, as a guard against my days becoming a blur, as a way of seeing each day as distinct, as having had three things worth jotting down happen.  The past four days have been a blur.  I'll just note for myself that I've been under pressure to grade papers and it involved a ton of reading because my students each researched an article on the subject of happiness.  In order to evaluate their papers, I read the articles they found.  While some overlap occurred, not much did.  Grading these essays involved reading about forty articles as well as the papers.  It's been rewarding.  I enjoyed the articles. I enjoyed my students' papers.  But, it made the last four days a blur.  Here are Three Beautiful Things I remember happening over these days:

1.  I don't know if the Rangers and Giants can muster one more win in each of their League Championship series to win the series, but it's been a lot of fun listening on the radio (while working!) to these two underdog teams give two mighty teams, the Yankees and the Phillies, all they can handle.  Two games remain in each series.  The Giants lost Game 5.  So did the Rangers.  Each could have a clinched a spot in the World Series.  Can these scrappers win one more game or will the titanic Yankees and Phillies win two more games and play each other in the World Series as most fan predicted they would?  Oh!  It's sure fun to be a Giants fan again.  I started being a fan in 1962 (when they broke my heart), but I fell off the Giants' bandwagon during the Barry Bonds years and with this scrappy team (whom I'm trusting to break my heart, like all Giants teams have) I feel the allegiance again and I really care how they do.

2.  It was fun to have dinner at Billy Mac's while the Ducks demolished UCLA.  Billy Mac's was packed, Duck fans were appreciative, but not ear-splittingly loud, and the vibe was really fun.  I kept an eye on the Ducks while talking with friends and enjoyed the frenzy of their no-huddle, fast-paced, unrelenting offense.

3.  While enjoying being with the Deke and Molly and Olivia and friends from LCC at Billy Mac's, in strolled Carey, whom I hadn't seen for about ten years.  After a little while, she recognized me and came over to say hello.  We embraced, smiled broadly, and talked for a few minutes.  Seeing Carey again brought back some really fun memories of a household I lived in almost twenty-five years ago and when I met Carey through one of my roommates.  It was a funny/odd time in my life . . . and as odd as it was, it was sure filled with fun, good friends, and lots of laughs and Carey was one of those friends.

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