Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 10/25/10: Homer's Personal, Hot Wings Worked, Back to Dari Mart

1.  I decided to have my World Literature students take a break from writing analysis papers and assigned them a personal paper exploring their own experience with the kinds of things characters in The Odyssey experience.  I prompted them this way:  You might write about the death of a friend, a time of longing in your life, an experience you've had with a descent into darkness/Hades, being a lout, going in search of answers to questions you have, hospitality you've extended or been blessed with, a battle you've had with a monster, an incident that helped mark your initiation out of youth into adulthood, suffering that has changed you, or an incident you've experienced with temptation or deceit or courage, an experience you've had with a mentor -- the options are almost boundless.  I haven't read the papers yet, but a few students thanked me for the opportunity to write this way and I observed at least two students weeping as they wrote.

2.  Because I'm new to it, I always get a little nervous when I try making hot wings, but no need:  they turned out really well and we had fun eating them.

3.  I'm back into the Dari Mart in the morning habit.  I know it's probably wrong in so many ways, but I get a 6:50 a.m. lift from a doughnut and a cup of Dari Mart coffee, whitened with non-dairy creamer. 

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