Saturday, October 9, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 10/09/10: St. Roni, Photo Shoot at Farmers' Market, Yi Shen Curry

1.  Last week was the Blessing of the Animals at St. Mary's and I did not take Snug because he just gets too anxious, nervous, and protective around other dogs and other animals and I didn't know how he would respond to being blessed.  This morning, however, I did the next best thing to having a priest bless Snug:  I took him for a 7 a.m. grooming appointment to Roni Naccarato at PetSmart.  She sees him at seven so he won't encounter the many dogs who come with owners to PetSmart and she loves Snug and he looks and smells great after his session with Roni.  Or should I say St. Roni?  (If the light in the house is good tomorrow, I'll take some pictures of the newly groomed Snug and post them.)

2.  Russell and I had a very good picture taking outing at the Farmers' Market in downtown Eugene.   Here are some of the pictures I shot:  

3.  Russell and I went to Yi Shen and I tried a Lemongrass Curry dish with BBQ pork.  The menu promised it would be spicy hot and it was.  It wasn't overwhelming, but just right and I loved my meal.  I'll have to keep trying out new dishes at Yi Shen.

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