Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 10/26/10: Celtics Begin Another Season, Sirloin Steaks, Restoration Through Living Deep Values

1.  The NBA season has begun and I enjoyed listening again to Jim Durham and Dr. Jack talk basketball and make the game come alive, but most of all I enjoyed that it was the Celtics and I could hear Jim Durham describe Rondo dishing out assists, KG popping sixteen footers, Ray Allen in rhythm burying threes, and Paul Pierce hitting daggers.  What I'd really like to hear is how agile Shaq is in the post and hear Durham describe how he rims in 89% of his free throws, but I don't think that's going to happen.

2.  The Deke bought three thick sirloin steaks at Long's and I prepared the electric frying pan for the steaks by sauteing a huge onion, sliced, and after seasoning the steaks, I dropped them on the frying pan and covered them with the onions.  Five minutes each side did the trick and Molly, the Deke, and I enjoyed steak and green string beans.

3.  I'm slowly but surely finishing set after set of student papers.  I finished another tonight for WR 121 and enjoyed my students insights into how living in alignment with his deepest values brought new life to Dan O'Brien's friendships, his capacity for compassion, his financial success, and his love life in Buffalo for the Broken Heart.

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