Saturday, October 16, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 10/15/10: Odysseus's Virtue, Admiring My Fellow Instructors, Celebrating Patrick's New Job

1.  Going back over Books 6-7 of The Odyssey, I love what Homer does in these two books.  He doesn't really move the plot forward much at all.  In fact, the story almost comes to a standstill, except that Odysseus will get help from the Phaiakians to return home to Ithaka.  These two books, along with Book 8, deepen our understanding of Odysseus's maturing soul and spirit, his modesty, humility, strength, emotional depth, and trustworthiness.  Homer is especially cagey in the way these admirable qualities surface when, naked, Odysseus stumbles upon Princess Nausikaa, frolicking naked with her maidens at the river while doing their laundry.  He's the model of virtue. 

2.  I was part of a meeting today with fellow English instructors and our division dean to try to figure some hiring stuff out and I left the meeting, as always, deeply admiring the intelligence, character, commitment, and eloquence of my fellow teachers.  

3.  Patrick accepted a job offer with AHA!,  a communications firm in Vancouver, WA this week and he came home today and, at least in my mind, we had a little celebration.  I bought some Coronas to go with the taco-like things I made.  I combined shredded pot roast, hamburger, potatoes, mushrooms, and sweet onion with about a pint of red salsa and used this filling in flour tortillas.  I browned the tortillas and melted cheese on one side of the tortilla . . . a shredded combination of four cheeses . . . I don't know what to call this dish, exactly, but the family groaned with satisfaction with each bite and I think Patrick felt properly celebrated....I hope so.

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