Saturday, October 9, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 10/08/10: Inside Clam Joke, Buffalo Wings Underway, Ice Road Trucker Load of Gratitude

1.  Molly, Olivia, and the Deke arrived in Kellogg safely on Thursday evening and I enjoyed very much today's reports that they have been to Yoke's, Stein's, Sunnyside Drug, and might be visiting Wal-Mart in Smelterville.  Molly got to crawl inside an inside family joke.  Every time Mom makes clam chowder we tease her about whether she put the clams in or not because she forgot to put in the clams one Christmas Eve about 80 years ago.  Molly texted me assuring me that Mom remembered to put in the clams. 

2.  My first attempt at fixing Buffalo Wings worked out pretty well.  I like how I prepared the chicken, frying the chicken hot for a few minutes and then slow frying it for over a half an hour.  Mixing Frank's Original Red Hot Sauce with melted butter is sure good.  I like my wings hotter than how they are with Frank's Original Red Hot Sauce, so I added Tobasco Sauce to the last few pieces and that made them closer to what I really want.  I look forward to experimenting with seasoning the chicken before I fry it and with tinkering with the wing sauce.

3.  I've been teaching at the college level since 1977 with a year or two off here and there.  Even after all these years, when former students let me know they appreciate my work, it warms me, it reassures me, it even adds to my feeling that I'm doing what I've been called to do.  Some praise came my way today.  I appreciate it a ton.  Well, actually, I appreciate it an ice road trucker load.  That's lots of tons. 

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