Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sibling Assignment #140: Images of Christmas -- The Tree

InlandEmpireGirl's final Christmas season assignment instructed us to do the following:

In only images, portray Christmas from your point of view. 

Here goes, with my comments under each picture.

Our Christmas tree is pretty simple and I love the way it's been bringing light and the smells of the forest into this dark and dormant time of the year.

I really enjoy the red ornaments that dominate our tree.  In fact, I liked this one so much, I put my face on it!

 Here's another perspective of the red ornaments.

A tribute to the Deke's talents on stringed instruments:  a dulcimer.

Molly made the ornament that is a silhouette of Olivia and the fish is a tribute to David Diedrich, the Deke's brother who died a year ago.  He loved to fish.  The placement of these two ornaments close to each other is perfect.

Our tree has a bunch of candy canes, but I think only one sweater!

What is a Christmas tree without the traditional Christmas sock monkey?

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inlandempiregirl said...

Lovely sibling assignment. I can really tell the difference with the new camera. I hope my next step up will be at least half as good as these. I love the theme of red throughout the series.