Thursday, December 30, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 12/29/10 : George Foreman Grill and a Little Ali, Wandering Goat, Letting Apollo In

1.  Debut of the George Foreman grill: bacon in the morning, pork chops for dinner.  Pretty darn good.  If it didn't work well, I would have had to quote Ali from the Rumble in the Jungle, their huge fight in Zaire.  After about the sixth round, after Ali had taken thunderous punch after thunderous punch from Foreman, Ali trashed talked Foreman, "That all you got George?  George, that all you got?"  But, I didn't have to say that to the grill.  It's got quite a bit. 

2.  MB, Jeff, Michael and I moved our spirited coffee get together to the Wandering Goat, but forgot to dye our hair pink or bring a copy of Ayn Rand to set on our table.  I think we were ten minutes shy of getting the world's problems solved once and for all, but Jeff needed to get home to be with Louise.  Guess we'll never know.  Things didn't seem all that globally solved when I returned home.

3.   Most of my picture taking has been guided by how I respond emotionally to what lies before me. Much of what lies before me, on photo shoots with Russell, I see in dark or ironic ways.  Today I've been reading more about how to get my head or my mind more involved.  Hey Whitworth friends:  maybe I can become more Apollonian along with being Dionysian in taking pictures.  Wouldn't Leonard enjoy that!

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