Monday, December 13, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 12/13/10: So Long Bret Farv, Back to Fuller Bloggin', Facebook Reunion

1.  I've been having fun over the last several weeks writing as if I were an obsessively devoted fan of Brett Favre's and making the persona a guy so overwhelmed by his love for Favre that he doesn't bother to spell his name correctly.  He calls him Bret Farv.  Tonight Favre's remarkable consecutive games started streak ended at 297 games and my guess is that his playing career has ended, too.  If it has, the Bret Farv satire will also end, but it was fun while it lasted, fun to play the role of a hero worshiping football fan. 

2.  It felt really good to write some posts in Kellogg Bloggin' that were more than my daily Three Beautiful Things.  I hadn't written such a post for quite a while.  Both the posts I wrote today completed Sibling Assignments.  My sisters and I had fallen away from writing these assignments over the last couple of months and I love that we are back doing them again.  I've also found some inspiration in the writing of my old Whitworth roommate, Rocket.  He's started a blog and I'm enjoying learning more about him and enjoying his reflections.  His blog is here

3.  I realized today that I'd been unfriended by a friend I've known since our days at Whitworth.  I didn't know what happened or when the unfriending happened, but I hoped if I made an invitation we would be Facebook friends again.  Deborah and I are Facebook friends again.  My first response was relief.  Then came joy.  Deborah wrote me a note this evening and I loved it and I had earlier look at pictures of her daughters and her new grandson and of Deborah and Scott.  I loved seeing these pictures and seeing the beauty of Deborah's family. 

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