Sunday, December 12, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 12/10/10: Jawin' with Linda, Jawin' with Penta, Jawin' Breakfast at Dinner

1.  I was still at LCC at 4:30.  I'd been reading student essays all day.  The building had almost emptied out.  A high maintenance student was in the main office.  I sat with Linda and shot the breeze for a while, while the h.m.s. had her cell phone speaker on, took phone calls, left the office, came back, asked Linda to make copies in between calls and trips to the hall, inquired about different instructors and what they had taught among other things.   It was fun to watch this student's behavior unfold as if it were a farce I'd paid money to see and chat with Linda.

2.  I decided to go to High Street and have two pints of Hammerhead and ponder.  I took a seat at the bar and Don strolled up to say hello before rejoining his party.  Penta was also at the bar.  I had enjoyed her performance a week earlier as Tamora in the Shakespeare Showcase, but I knew she didn't know me.  Don introduced us and instead of pondering, I visited with Penta about all kinds of things:  eastern religions, Rumi, Joseph Campbell, Shakespeare, theater stuff, etc.  It was a fun way to relax over a couple of pints before going home.

3.  Post-pints:  breakfast burrito for dinner! Bacon, potato, colby-jack cheese, and a fried egg -- with salsa! 

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