Monday, December 20, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 12/19/10: Visiting Louise, Rocking Luke, Pats Win

1.  I visited one of my favorite Lane County haunts after church:  McKenzie-Willamette hospital.  Louise just had triple by-pass surgery on Friday and I paid her and Jeff a visit.  When I arrived in the waiting room, Jeff was there alone.  Louise was resting and wanted to be alone, but after he and I visited for a while, a nurse summoned him.  Louise wanted him there to feed her ice cream and jello and I joined in and got to see Louise for a few minutes.  She was groggy and recovering.  Her doctor seems pleased with how things are going.

2.  After showing up on Saturday to be a reader in St. Mary's Lessons and Carols service, twenty-four hours early, I arrived with the Troxstar on the right day today.  We were both readers.  We rocked Luke.

3.  The Troxstar and I slid right out of the church and went to the 19th Street Pub to watch the Pats and the Packers over a beer or two, breadsticks, and spicy chicken wings.  For those who like McMenamins' cajun seasoning, the wings would be good, but I can't recommend them, even though I ate a bunch of them.  The best part of the 19th St. visit was cracking wise with the Troxstar and rooting the Pats to a close win.  The game's best moment was Dan Connolly's sick kickoff return.  I had, in my over forty years of watching the NFL, never seen anything like it.  He's the NFL's best 6'4", 313 pound kickoff returner. 

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