Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 12/21/10: Desk Cleared, Coffee with the Traveler, Birthday Dinner Success!

1.  It makes a big difference in my room when I get the desk cleaned off and it's not just one big chaotic pile of unopened mail, DVDs, CDs, papers, and wires to speakers, the radio, the scanner, the printer, etc.  Clearing off the desk cleared my mind a bit.

2.  MB, Michael, Jeff, and I met at Starbuck's on Mohawk Blvd., several blocks north of where Louise continues to recuperate from her heart surgery.  Jeff had a great reunion in Holland with the Dutch family he lived with his senior year in high school.  I drove Jeff back to the hospital and dropped in to see Louise:  she looks much better than she did on Sunday.

3.  Birthday dinner success!  For the Deke's birthday I roasted Brussel sprouts, baked a handful of potatoes, made garlic toast, and fried sirloin steaks with onions and mushrooms.  I'm happy to say, particularly because it was a birthday dinner, that these were the best steaks I've ever cooked on the electric frying pan.  Not only was the seasoning just right, I fried them (in butter) to the medium rare point of perfection.  My steak cooking confidence is growing.  The Deke was really happy with the dinner.  That made me really happy.

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