Sunday, December 26, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 12/25/10: Black Velvet, Birthday Bouquet, Olivia Played and Played and Played

1.  I had never tried a Black Velvet before.  It's Guinness poured on top of champagne.  We popped the champagne just before our Christmas dinner and I was nearly dumbstruck by how much I enjoyed the Black Velvet.  

2.  I experimented with different settings and took several pictures of the bouquet of flowers Mom sent the Deke for her 60th birthday.  Here's the picture responders have enjoyed the most:

3.  Olivia played and played and played and played and played and played and played with her new baby stroller, giving rides to Elmo, Bert, Cookie Monster, her owl, her squirrel, Count von Count and others.  She gave us all a fun Christmas jolt!

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