Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 12/28/10 : I'm a Darlin'!, Hell of a Desk Lamp, First Pictures

1.  After my sausage, eggs, hash browns, English muffin, and black coffee breakfast at Ye Olde Pancake House on West 11th, I had fun with the barely twenty year old woman who cashed me out when she said, ""And how ya doin' darlin'?" and I replied, "I'm darling."  She giggled, blushed, asked me how my day was looking, wished me a Happy New Year, and we were both delighted by silly, friendly, fun little bit of back and forth while my Visa card ran.

2.  I went to Fred Meyer looking for one of those desk lamps that's oblong and has a green shade.  No luck.  But, I found another one that has two electrical outlets in its base and that really fired me up.  Right now the computer is plugged into my desk lamp.  I charged my camera battery with my desk lamp.  I charged my cell phone with my desk lamp.  This is one hell of a desk lamp.

3.  After a couple of days or so of reading about my Nikon D3100, I took my first pictures this evening.  I posted a handful of them here to complete a sibling assignment.  I posted others on Facebook.  Here's one I didn't post, but I like how far back it reaches into the interior of our house (I can almost see the pictures on the bulletin board in the kitchen).  I like the Deke's hand and pen doing the New York Time's crossword puzzle, the glass of wine -- and I like Maggie's relaxed pose. 

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inlandempiregirl said...

I really like this view of your house. I haven't been there for so long... it all looks very different. Very calming and comfortable.