Thursday, December 16, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 12/15/10: Thinking, Soup Cooking, Michael Clayton

1.  I've been wanting to get my mind working in a different direction and to write more. I have trouble doing this under the demands of my teaching schedule.   "A Delicate Balance" helped and I enjoyed writing my thoughts about the play/movie and writing about that turning point in my life when my illusions of permanence in marriage crashed. 

2.  I took out the remains of the day from when Sunday when I boiled a whole chicken to prepare Cold Ginger Chicken and, today, I fixed chicken noodle soup -- which, after dinner, and after sitting for a while, turned into chicken noodles.  I tried something slightly different.  I bought a package of drumsticks and cooked them in the crock pot with onion before taking the meat off the bone and tossing it into the broth.  It was a convenient, didn't heat up the kitchen, and the meat came easily off the bone -- and this approach resulted in more broth. 

3.  I watched "Michael Clayton" this evening.  I enjoyed it thoroughly.  George Clooney, in particular, got to me the way he played the title character.  Michael Clayton is burdened by a variety of pressures in his professional, business, personal, and family life and it's all coming to bear on him during the four days played out in this story.  Clooney plays Clayton as savvy, worldly, and jaded, and as he comes to realize more of the truth about what's happening in his world, his conscience comes alive and he acts morally in his amoral world.  Clooney's Michael Clayton is no crusader, is not moved by righteousness, is not above the fray.  In his worldly, fatigued way, he does what needs to be done when he could have walked away.    (By the way, did anyone else who's seen both movies see the very end of "Michael Clayton" as a sly homage to "The Long Good Friday"?)

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