Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 12/27/10 (Birthday Edition): Breakfast with Dale Bachman, Studying the D3100, Birthday Dinner a Real Pleasure

1.  I started my birthday at The Original Pancake House in Eugene for a three hour breakfast with Dale Bachman, assistant basketball coach at Kellogg High School in 1971-72.  He also coached the junior varsity and was a great English teacher.  It was really fun talking about Kellogg and finding out what's been happening with Dale since he moved to Oregon about thirty years ago.  If you were a Kellogg student and are reading this, Dale asked me to say hello to everyone. 

2.  Slowly, but surely, I'm gaining a more comprehensive understanding of the features and the workings and the possibilities of my new Nikon D3100.  It's fun and kind of overwhelming.  Pretty soon, I'm going to be ready to start shooting some pictures. 

3.  The Deke assembled the birthday dinner I always request:  meatloaf, baked potatoes, green beans, and dinner rolls.  She put The America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook into action and everything turned out beautifully.  I treated myself to a Bass Ale/Guinness Black and Tan to accompany dinner:  also a great choice.  This superb meal along with phone calls from my mother and sisters capped off a really fine 57th birthday.  (By the way, my Grandma West and I were both born on December 27.  Were she alive today, she would be 116 years old.  I think she would have been a Willard Scott Smucker's birthday girl.)

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