Sunday, December 5, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 12/04/10: Script Prep, Fred Meyer, Spongy Officers

1.  I got to be the narrator for the annual Shakespeare Showcase at LCC today.  Preparing to read Sparky's script was as much fun as actually performing my role.  I have learned a tremendous amount from Sparky over the years about preparing to deliver a script --  breathing, reading, projecting, and most of all, giving words warmth and vigor.

2.  For the Shakespeare Showcase, I needed a new pair of black pants, a binder, and a hot beverage travel mug.  They were all at Fred Meyer.  I'm a latecomer to Fred Meyer.  I enjoyed buying my pants, binder, and mug and checking out in the grocery line.

3.  Michael and I stood in the northeast parking lot until 10 p.m. after the Shakespeare Showcase talking Shakespeare.  I tried to explain how I get blown away by the smallest things in the plays.  For example, when Lady Macbeth plots to intoxicate the chamberlains and make it look like they killed King Duncan, she calls the chamberlains King Duncan's "spongy officers".  What an image. What a description of two drunks.  I swear, I can't teach Shakespeare any more because I would want to spend two hours of class time reveling in ingenious phrases like "spongy officers" and not do the stuff the State of Oregon tells me should happen in a Shakespeare course. 

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