Friday, December 24, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 12/22/10: Dog Park, Wet Chow Fun, Partyin' with Patrick

1.  Russell and I went went to the Autzen Stadium area to take pictures.  I stood for a while and watched the dogs play with a decided mixture of joy and melancholy:  I loved watching the dogs enjoy themselves and it saddened me that Snug can't relax and play with other dogs.  I badly wanted Snug there.  It just can't happen.

2.  The woman who runs Yi-Shen was suddenly confused when Russell and I walked in.  "Is it Saturday?" No, it was Thursday -- we threw her off a little -- but, after a good laugh, we ordered some food -- I really enjoyed the Wet Chow Fun with roast pork again -- flavorful and chili peppery. 

3.  I went sleep around 8:30 or so and got up around 11:30 and Patrick had arrived home from Portland and Molly and the Deke were up with him talking and laughing and I joined in.  I'm so glad I didn't totally sleep through the whole party!

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