Sunday, December 12, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 12/11/10: Intro to Souza, West University Photos, Tapa Style Dining

1.  Randy (the Troxstar) invited me to be Facebook friends with chums of his from Middleboro, MA and today Randy and I had coffee at the Wandering Goat with Jon Souza, one of Randy's life long Middleboro friends.  We had a great time getting further acquainted,  talking and laughing and cracking wise. 

2.  Russell and I strolled 12th Street and adjoining alleys in the Mill and Ferry area, snapping pictures in the rain.  I haven't decided what I think of my pictures.  I looked them over once and maybe they'll look better to me when I check them out again.  The subject matter was good.  I'm not sure I was up to the seizing the photo ops very well.

3.  We decided to have something like tapas for dinner so I went to the store and brought home a baguette, crackers, red wine salami, another kind of salami, lemon garlic green olives, kalamata olives, cream cheese, feta cheese, Irish cheddar cheese, Gouda, brie cheese, olive paste, pepperoncini, dilled green beans, and a bottle of red wine and we had a fun time at the dinner table enjoying the variety. 

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