Saturday, December 18, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 12/17/10: First Time with Rachael Ray, Good Mood at Market of Choice, The Rockford Files

1.  I had my first kitchen go around with Rachael Ray today.  I had some ground beef in the freezer I wanted to use and for some unknown reason, sloppy joes popped in my mind as a fun dinner.  A search of the World Wide Web led me to a Rachael Ray recipe I liked the looks of and, indeed, when the great forces of Rachael Ray, the electric frying pan, and yours truly converged, a really good sloppy joe meal resulted.  Want to look at the recipe?  Just go here.

2.  Shopping at Market of Choice, getting stuff for the sloppy joes, I suddenly realized for reasons I cannot account for that I was in a really good mood.  It might have even been an obnoxiously good mood.  The result:  some really fun banter with the woman from Las Vegas who was the checker and then the lad bagging my groceries joined in.  We laughed.  We cracked wise.  Smiles all around.  It was fun.

3.  Ahhh..."The Rockford Files"....I watched an episode before going to bed.  It was the least favorite episode I've ever seen and, still, I enjoyed it a lot and it was fun to see James Garner and Linda Evans flirt and make out. 

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