Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 09/05/11: A Troxstar Trifecta -- Midnight in Paris, M and Sixteen Tons, Evening with Nick and Helen

1. I chauffeured the Troxstar to the Bijou Theater where we thoroughly enjoyed "Midnight in Paris".  When I'm not watching dark/indy/Palestinian-Israeli-Iranian/Sundance/bleak/existential/unsettling/downer movies, which are what I watch more of than anything else, I enjoy smart, beautifully filmed, wistful comedies, comic not only in being funny, but comedies in the way they explore what gives life its vitality, what robs life of vitality, as well as the mysteries of love.  "Midnight in Paris" was all of that.  I ached with pleasure throughout the movie and had the most pleasant flashbacks to one of my very favorite Woody Allen movies, "The Purple Rose of Cairo".  If you've seen both movies, I hope you understand how "Midnight in Paris" affectionately reminded me of the older film. 

2.  Next stop:  the Troxstar and I talked over the movie and a host of other things at Sixteen Tons over a couple of pints.  I began with a Gilgamesh Mamba from Turner, OR.  It's a hopless beer, which interested me a lot, and I enjoyed the effect of its alcohol content, but did not find it a particularly tasty beer.  It was fun to try, though.  It's the only beer I've ever drunk that was brewed with black tea (I don't know what that means).  My second beer was entirely satisfying.  I had a pint of Boneyard Wit Shack, a Belgian white beer brewed in Bend. I really liked M, the woman pouring at Sixteen Tons.  She's seen "Midnight in Paris" -- loved it -- , knew what I was talking about when I mentioned "Purple Rose of Cairo" to the Troxstar while we waited to order, and she played Maurice Chevalier on the sound system as a tribute to France and Paris and the movie.  M reviews beers online in the sequential tradition:  she present her reviews in cartoon form, here

3.  I completed today's Troxstar Trifecta when Randy and I, later joined my Mme. Troxstar, whizzed up to see Nick and Helen for a few hours of enjoyable conversation and a couple of Belgian beers. 

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