Friday, September 23, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 09/22/11: Finished, German Beer, Everything's Poker

1.  Each course syllabus is ready to project on the smart classroom screen.  I finished them today, with 3-4 days to spare.

2.  I thought I merely walked into 16 Tons today, but upon self-examination, I might have swaggered.  It's not that I got my swagger back, but I think I have a new swagger in there now ever since I became a member.  I thought the other patrons could tell, too.  The respect in their eyes when I swaggered in felt good.  Most important, however, was the beer and today was really good.  I went totally German and enjoyed a pint of Avinger Oktober Fest-Marzen from the tap and a pint of Mahr's Ungespundet-hefetrub from the firkin.  I hope Sixteen Tons will serve beer again from the firkin.  The firkin sat on the counter.  The beer came straight out of it.  No hook up to a tap.  Just beer. Real beer. It was really good.

3.  Poker might be the metaphor by which all things can be understood.  You'd know pretty much exactly what I mean if you'd been with me and and friends at Billy Mac's this evening.

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