Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 09/13/11: Tamales, Sam Invades Oregon, I Had a Hammer(head)

1.  I took the Subaru over to the car cleaning place on 8th and Chambers and discovered a Mexican food cart nearby and really enjoyed the two tamales I scarfed down while waiting for the car to be cleaned.

2.  Samantha arrived safe and sound and on time in Portland and so her move to Oregon has begun.  As you can see, she is very happy to have arrived and is eager to start this new phase of her life:

3.  The Deke and Sam and I went to the 19th Street McMenamin's pub for some food and conversation.  I've been trying out a lot of different beers at Sixteen Tons and it was satisfying to come back to a beer that's been among my favorites for well over ten years:  Hammerhead.  Not only do I enjoy how Hammerhead tastes, a ton of really good memories are locked up in that beer.  They came alive when I took my fist draw on tonight's glass.

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